What is PixWire?

PixWire is our e-business solution for photographers in the field. Using this software can save you time and money.

How does it work?

Pixwire allows you to put your library of images onto the web. It uses powerful scripting tools so that you don't have to get involved in the time consuming business of writing the web pages yourself. All you need is a web browser, e.g Internet Explorer. You just select the images you want to upload to your website using a simple form. The software automatically creates thumbnails and preview sized images for you and the images are instantly available. Your full size images are password protected, so that only your customers can see them. Pixwire provides all the facilities you need to change people's passwords, move images, delete images and to add captions to them.

Currently press photographers wire their picture into each paper individually. Our system allows you to use your standard web browser to upload your images to your website. The images are stored in a number of galleries which you can categorise yourself. Once they are there, a simple series of webpages allows you to email links to these images to as many newspaper picture desks as you want.

This means that you only pay to upload your images once, giving big savings on costly mobile phone data calls. Each picture desk will receive an email with a list of links, one for each picture. All they need to do is click on each to download them. It's simple and easy for them and they will all receive the emails at the same time. So there's no perceived preferential treatment.

Pixwire is easily customised, so that you can make sure your website looks the way you want it to. The colours, fonts and other layout features are user configurable. It's also possible to include your own code on the pages to add sophisticated features.

For a quick demonstration on how easy it is to upload images and email them to clients, have a look at our walkthrough of using the software.

There is also a demonstration installation of the system showing most of the features.

What do I need?

Obviously you need your own website. Currently we support websites running Apache, the most popular web server, on either Linux or BSD systems with PHP4 support. If that means nothing to you, we can suggest providers with suitable setups, or check if your current webserver is suitable. We provide a complete installation service. We'll upload all the software for you and check that everything is working. All you need to do is to start uploading your images. The software comes with 12 months support.

All you need to use the website is a browser. Most modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 4+ and Opera 6, will work on a variety of operating systems e.g. Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Mac OS9, Mac OS X and Linux.

Further Information

Already in use by Pressfotos and First News, images have been successfully syndicated via Pixwire to most of the UK national press. If you're interested in using this software for your business, contact us for more details.